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Scraa's hero guide

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1Scraa's hero guide Empty Scraa's hero guide on Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:38 am

This is it for now.. I know it needs a little editing.

Since i am the most epic hero ever, i wanted to share my uberskills en set-up to all of you Smile
joking Very Happy
This is an guide for an unfunded hero, which i am..
This is an pre-ancesion guide.

Ap wise you should put all points into STR, since DEX is useless nowadays. Except if you want to wear lvl140 items which require some DEX. I just dont think it reasonable to go for those items when you can make lvl120 ones with the same stats.

Ill skip the lvl 1-10 since those dont really matter.

At lvl 10 you'll become a warrior by talking to the king of perion Smile

Where to put SP in at 1st job?
This is what i did, and which is recommended.
+1 Power Strike (Lv1)
+1 Slash Blast (Lv1)
+19 Slash Blast (Lv20, Maxed)
+19 Power Strike (Lv20, Maxed)
+10 HP Boost (Lv10, Maxed)
+11 Iron Body (Lv11)

Time for 2nd job. The advancement isnt that hard, I will not get into further details cause most of you will know what to do.
+20 Weapon Mastery (Lv20, Maxed)
+11 Weapon Booster (Lv11)
+10 Enhanced Basics (Lv10, Maxed)
+20 Final Attack (Lv20, Maxed)
+20 Rage (Lv20, Maxed)
+20 Power Guard (Lv20, Maxed)
+9 Weapon Booster (Lv20, Maxed)
+9 Iron Body (Lv20, Maxed)
+2 Ground Smash (Lv2)

2nd Job is really boring, i know Smile. At 3rd job it gets interesting. 3rd Job advancement is where its gets a bit harder. For further details just google it.
+15 Brandish (Lv15)
+20 Combo Attack (Lv20, Maxed)
+5 Brandish (Lv20, Maxed)
+20 Coma (Lv20, Maxed)
+20 Shout (Lv20, Maxed)
+20 Chance Attack (Lv20, Maxed)
+20 Panic (Lv20, Maxed)
+20 Magic Crash (Lv20, Maxed)
+11 Improved MP Recovery (Lv11)

4th Job!!! YOU MADE IT. YOU R A HEROFTW!!! 4th job advancement is really boring. Youll have to fight manon and griffey but if you are lazy like me you just buy the required items at the scroll seller in eos tower. SP wise i wanted to have rush and monster magnet for mobbing. They are at lvl1 really effective already. If you want to have pure power you'd want to max ACA but I wanted a new attack skill so I mixed it up a bit. This is the build I'm using atm.

+1 Rush (Lv1, Capped)
+1 Monster Magnet (Lv1, Capped)
+18 Advanced Combo Attack (Lv18)
+10 Interpid Slash (Lv10)
+12 Advanced Combo Attack (Lv30, Maxed)
+20 Intrepid Slash (Lv30, Maxed)
+10 Combat Mastery (Lv10, Maxed)
+30 Enrage (Lv30, Maxed)
+10 Maple Warrior (Lv10)
+30 Power Stance (Lv30, Maxed)
+20 Maple Warrior (Lv30, Maxed)
+30 Achilles (Lv30, Maxed)

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2Scraa's hero guide Empty Re: Scraa's hero guide on Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:07 pm


Awesome!! I am looking forward to it Very Happy

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3Scraa's hero guide Empty Re: Scraa's hero guide on Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:20 am

Updated! Ill do some editing when i get home!

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4Scraa's hero guide Empty Re: Scraa's hero guide on Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:09 am


Thank you very much for that Scraa - Awesome guide!! Cool

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5Scraa's hero guide Empty Re: Scraa's hero guide on Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:27 pm

Thank you Rela, it's not done yet though.

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